Emailing for Coupons

Ever wonder how people at the store have all these coupons that say FREE product? Well I know that for  me I email companies and tell them one of three things.
Now you ask what companies do I contact well for starters go to your pantry, fridge, makeup drawer, etc. and write down the brands. Now comes the long part of all of this getting on the computer and emailing each brand. Then they will email you back and say one of three things.

What are these six things I am talking about?

What you say to them:

1) Compliment- if you use their product say a name and specify what you or a family like about it
2) Suggestion- suggest a new flavor, product etc.
3) Complaint- Only do this if you legit do not like something or had a bad experience

What they say to you:

1) Thank you
2) We'll send coupons
3) Enjoy a product on us

Now here is a list of companies that I have already contacted or am planning to contact, I will add to it all the time so remember to check back periodically

  1. Gerber
  2. Lego
  3. Silk
  4. Similac
  5. Campbell's
  6. Birds eye
  7. Ore-Ida
  8. Dr. Pepper
  9. Pepsi co
  10. Hidden Valley
  11. Snapple
  12. Propel