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First off let me say how I am an essential oil lover! I have always used them I love how they can be used for anything and everything. With all this though I have always used the expensive brands of oil, until now, I have discovered a new and better brand for me.

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I absolutely love this oil I use it for everything. When I use it what I put it in is my homemade things like lip balm, lotion, "monster spray," and I just rub it on my children's feet.
Now I  would like to explain what monster spray is, honestly it's just water and lavender oil and we spray it in our four year old's room. He thinks that it gets rid of all of the monsters and we know that the lavender will help calm him to sleep. It most definitely is a win-win situation for all of us in the apartment.
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The most UNIQUE and AMAZING SMELLING Lavender on the market. If you are not ABSOLUTELY amazed, receive a full refund no questions asked!
  • Mystics and Modern Day Moms alike swear that it's better than painkillers, valium, and cold relief all rolled into one. SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE: If you are just trying our Kashmir Lavender for the first time and you do not switch to it permanently as your new favorite oil we will refund your money, guaranteed. PURE + ORGANIC + RIGOROUS QUALITY TESTING & CONTROLS: Distillation facility is GMP, FDA, ISO 9001 and Kosher certified. Make sure ALL oils you buy have these qualifications ★ CHECK OUT OUR REVIEWS!! ★ OUR FLAGSHIP PRODUCT - THE MOST RARE, BEST SMELLING, AND MOST THERAPEUTICALLY EFFECTIVE OF ALL LAVENDERS: Kashmir lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) is grown in the heart of the Himalayas, in high-altitude valleys rife with pristine air and untarnished fresh mountain water, ensuring the highest therapeutic content of any lavender. HIGHEST CONTENT OF LINALOOL of all Lavenders, a constituent which accounts for lavenders calming and characteristic properties.

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    The great thing this company offers is a full refund if you don't love it.


    First off the smell:
    Now of course it smells like lavender but it is not that strong of a smell, some when you open the bottle you want to die from how strong it is and then you barely use it because you don't want to die. This lavender oil though is awesome! The aroma is small when opened but then stronger when you get it out of the bottle.

    Second the size of the bottle is awesome it is much larger than Doterra and for so much less than it too. I received the 10ml bottle for free in exchange for my review here on my blog I was in no way compensated and all views are 100% my own.

    Third thing about the oil is that it is organic which for all of us mom's and non-mom's who love organic products is the greatest thing! With this we now have an affordable and organic product.

    Last thing I want to point out is that a little goes forever! I use about two to three drops in my monster spray and I use around ten in my lip balm but I also make around twenty tubes of it. In my lotion I use more but that's for the skin benefit of the lavender. One bottle of this will last so long which makes the price that much better! So I highly recommend that all of you go buy some as soon as you can because it will benefit you in so many ways.

    Here are the benefits of lavender oil from
    1. Bug repellent
    2. Sleep aid
    3. Nervous System
    4. Acne
    5. Pain Relief
    6. Urine Flow
    7. Respiratory Disorders
    8. Hair Care
    9. Blood Circulation
    10. Digestion
    11. Immunity
    12. General skin care
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